Monday, November 22, 2010

A new do!

It has been about 6 I have had a haircut.  I am the prodigal client.  But I had made a deal with myself to let my hair grow until I hit my weight goal, and I did!  And then today I think Robert cut 10 more pounds off my head.  Growing out a swing bob is not the easiest...I had a mop!  So, he tapered the rest in, added a few layers, and voila!  
I love it...but those bangs went straight up in a clip as soon as I could find one. *grin*
  I took this in the bathroom at the hair salon...ha!  The only thing I really wonder is...why the heck don't I take a clean shirt with me when I get a haircut?  I itched the rest of the day.  Ugh. 


  1. so beautiful! I absolutely love it :) the color in your hair is so rich too...pretty pretty pretty!!


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