Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feed Your Birdies {on Friday}

Yay!  A recipe to share with you today.  Have any rotten bananas laying around?  You need the brownest, nastiest ones.  Not kidding.  That makes for a super moist bread.  I used this recipe to make:

Banana Blueberry Bread
(we tried it last week too...and loved it)
I substituted WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR for the white flour.  The only BAD boy in this recipe is really the butter (oh, and the little bit of sugar), but I think real butter is better for you than margarine. There are also oats in the recipe.  Bananas, blueberries, lots of good things. 

My KitchenAid mixer has certainly earned its keep over the last five years or so.  I don't know what I would do without it.  Have really strong arms, I guess?

Be sure to coat those blueberries in flour before you fold them in.  (Note: don't use the mixer to do that either) 

 I put mine in a bundt pan instead of two loaf pans.

Bake at 325...and..........

 Turn it onto a cake, you aren't seeing things.  We must have a Christmas cake plate, so that we can forget about the 100 degree Texas heat we are about to embark upon. Oh, and this bread makes a great breakfast!

Oh, my...

I can't believe I am actually going to do this, but you will be my accountability partner.  So, here we go.  Week 1 of a healthier me.  I took my  measurements this morning, 
and this picture. 

Now, I think that when it comes to weight issues, that honesty is good.  I think that it only adds to the misery if you can't be honest with yourself about what size you really are, and where you really want to be.  My grandma once told wear a size 10 but a 12 feels so good that you buy a 14.  My aunt and I were laughing about that last week.  So funny.  Am I totally unhappy with my body?  NO.  Do I want to be healthier and more active?  Yes.  And fitting into smaller clothes would be an added bonus.  I don't feel like I look THAT bad.  In fact, my size is average for the American woman.  Average.  I used to be much larger about 7 years 188 pounds and almost a size 18...and I won't go there again.  I am much smaller than I ever was then, but my goal is to get back to dating weight (about 6 years ago) 135. 

This past week, I told you about my goals.   Here is what I have accomplished so far:
  • smaller portions/healthier meals (Zucchini is yummy!)
  • exercise daily (mostly strength training plus one day of run/walk) and lots of housework
  • physical therapy visits (I get at least 30 minutes of strength training for my upper body
  • kept my favorite foods, but not daily, and only a tiny portion.  no more eating 5 cakeballs daily.  haha!
  • and I have started an earlier rise/sleep schedule to get ready for school
Not bad, huh?

Now, here's the unedited truth about what size I am now. I measured this morning and will do so again every other week.  
  • weight:  162.4
  • waist: 39"
  • arm: 11.5"
  • hips: 41"
  • thigh: 22.75"
Now, my husband doesn't even know this.  So why am I telling you?  Really, I am telling myself.  I am a firm believer that if you right it down the truth stares you in the face.  Kind of like managing your money.  Write it down and you can't fudge on anything.  

My goals for measurements: 
  • waist:  30"
  • hips:  35"
  • weight:  135
  • arms:  9"
Now, I am not an expert.  I read three health magazines:  Women's Health, Health, and Fitness.  You might hear about things I try from their suggestions.  I am also under the care of two doctors and a physical therapist so that I don't do anything to mess with my overall health. 

My treat todayFree sweet tea at McAlister's Deli! And lunch with my little princess.

Alright, there you have it! And it was liberating for me to say it. 
This took some guts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What can you do with Feed The Birdies paper?

Make a tiny folded collage, use a vintage stamp to date it, and on the back write a letter to a friend who will 
love it as much as you do.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cups and Paper Organization {Thrifty Tuesday!}

Aside from those awesome chairs that we got this weekend, here are some super cheap finds that we brought home. 

Two little teacups to add to my rack in the kitchen.  The aqua and green ones are finds for 10 cents.  I had originally planned to put them on my desk to hold small craft tools, but they look so cute hanging here that I left them.  

We also found this great desktop paper file that holds cardstock nicely.  I have both sizes in there, and there are little spots to label color families.  This was only 50 cents, and I love it!  The little orange pot with white lid was 10 cents.  I found it a few weeks ago, 
but it's on the desk now so it made 
it in the photo. 

William got some neat books for 14 cents and for $2, and also a little measuring device that you roll along the surface and the numbers flip to show the length. Katie got a little vintage terry kitty cat and a bag of "treasures" complete with a troll with hot pink hair.  We spent only $7 for tons of fun!  Cheaper than a movie ticket for one of us. We are super happy that Katie was raised from infancy visiting estates, and that she willingly goes right in with the rest of us.
Now that's some family time. 

Healthy Notes:

My breakfast this morning was Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with blueberries and 1% milk. Did I give up my coffee with a little bit of creamer?  Nope.  It's a favorite.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Documentation: Health

 Katie is a tiny little bug in this photo, huh?

So, today started a new day...well...a new day that has started over and over again, and I know I am not the only one.  Maybe writing it here will make it stick?  I don't know.  

Here are my goals.

1.  Today I finished Day 1 of the C25K app with Katie in the jogger.  I hope to finish the whole program.
2.  Bike with William two days per week.  We got the coolest bikes and it's been so hot, we aren't using them.
3.  Eat smaller portions, and add healthy meals gradually.  I like rabbit food; I don't know why I don't eat more of it.
4.  I will not cut out my favorites, only eat smaller amounts of them. 
5.  Start a schedule:
  • time for me
  • time for William
  • time for Katie, Brady, and Bodie
  • time in the morning to get ready for work and possibly get my workout in too!
  • and time for crafting (can't leave that out)
6.  I am doing so well with physical therapy for my neck injury.  I have three weeks for sure left, and then maybe one day each week right when school starts so I can learn new behaviors that keep me from being a mess again.  No more wall flower ice pack teacher in my room anymore.  
7.  Sleep is good, but not too much.  I've been getting too much I think, and the night owl syndrome has set in.
I am going to document my journey in pictures and words.  I have been highly inspired by Cathy in her journey to a healthier self.  She is getting the job done AND she is a scrapbooker.  Yay!  So, expect some posting from me for follow up...

See you on the sidewalk! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost there...our mid-century living room

Today we picked up some great chairs that have taken a long time and picky choosing to find.  I wanted some 1950s style flat armed chairs, and we found a set of four at a local estate sale.  I wanted all of them.  We bought two.  They are in almost new condition...I can't believe that the owners used them very much at all.  They look like pretty sisters in our living room, don't they? 

 (you have to laugh at the crooked "C" in the picture.  
Katie thinks it's fun to jump back and forth between the chairs and knocked it off the wall)

I am so proud of these!  We got them and the foot stools for $175.  A deal, I think.  
We have pretty much outfitted our entire living area for around $400.  Here's the detail:

Mid-Century coffee table:  $15 (estate find)
Mid-Century Sofa:  $100(estate...again pristine!)
Chairs and ottomans: $175
Mid Century foot stools:  $5 and $2 (estate/not pictured.  They are aqua and orange.)
And the little things:
Sears Radio:  $2 (estate...see it on the end table?  It works.)
Metal end tables:  (less than $100/eBay)
Black rotary phone: $5 (estate)
Milk glass:  given to me by my mother-in-law
Throw Pillows:  old ones I covered in new Target covers.  $2.50 each
My sweet aunt found this little table placemat(?) or pillow top(?) in her storage.  Love it. And an owl pillow was there too.  I love owls.  Did you know that?  I think you did.

Now the hunt is on for some mid-century lamps.  Target ones have done well, but we have to finish the picture.  It's almost there!

Cool at the pool

Pool time has been fabulous this summer.  
It's so hot here. And it's always good to see your friends and let the kids play.

I spied our three little swimmers at Sarah's birthday party all lined up on lawn chairs sunbathing.  They were getting in position...

So I sneaked over there a little closer with the camera to get some cute shots.  Then I was caught, and Katie started fussing.

 Don't take my picture.

I mean it, mom.

Then, Bo thought he needed to 
adjust his chair. 

And then he adjusted it again...


Look at Caden (he's in the orange suit).  He looks like he's had it with the camera thing  and the other two subjects that he is having to help prep for the photo shoot.  Silly kids. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

More pretty cards and paper flowers...

Here are some more pretty cards I have made in the last few days.  They are headed to the flower shop.  These little paper flowers are so pretty...crinkled petals and fabric covered button centers. All tied up with a sweet vanilla satin bow.

And then there are the bicycles.  Ahhhhh....for fall to get here so I can ride mine and pick pretty flowers to be inspired by.  For now, these will do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

LOST a swimsuit; WON a swimsuit!

Last week, I was reading a favorite, The Rockstar Diaries, on my blog reader, and she had featured a giveaway from Popina, a swimsuit company that offers vintage styled suits (including cool Jantzen ones) and I fell in love with this one:

Well, not even 24 hours ago I was telling my friend, Melissa, that I had left my one-piece bathing suit at a retreat last weekend, and that I was a bit uncomfortable wearing a bikini. I told her about a really cute polka dot suit I had found online that I really wanted. We have a swimming party to
go to tonight, and I have to find a
better suit to wear.

So, I left a little comment: enter the giveaway, and guess what???? I WON THE PRETTY THING! Oh, how I wish it would be here for the swim party tonight, but, there are still four weeks of summer left, and plenty of time to sport about in my new suit. I'll send pics when it arrives!

Stop by and see Naomi and her cute little blog. Oh, and Mr. Kingsley, her English Bully? Well, everybody is in love with him. He is the cutest little friend ever.
Thanks, Naomi and Popina!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday! {new feature}

So, I have two new blog features for you.  
The first is...

Thrifty Tuesdays!  
See how excited Katie is to tell you about what we have found?  Oh, gosh!  This is going to be so fun!  We might tell you about estate sales that we found the weekend before, or show you some pretty things that made their way into our basket at the local thrift shops.  The thrill of the hunt makes us all giddy!
(see what 100 posts will do to you? )

And the second one is....
Feed the Birdies on Friday will feature a recipe for your maybe the birdies.  
We can't leave them out, can we?  
So, here is our first Thrifty Tuesday, and I couldn't be more excited about it!

The stuffed animals at our local thrift store are in multitudes, and usually we just bypass the whole lot of them.  We do not need more at our house.  But, my sister-in-law and her family just got a brand new mini dachshund puppy, and *bingo*, a need for tiny animals with long arms in mass quantities for chewing!
Meet Pebbles:

  So, here's what you can get 
for 95 cents (yep...not even a buck)
at the thrift shop.  
A puppy party basket full of fun things! 
Lots of long arms and a silly caterpillar.
Something to snuggle at night.
 And a silly yellow frog to play tug-of-war with.  I used a basket that I had 
around the house and some tissue paper 
that I had hoarded.  
Yay for finding new homes for fun things!  
Now isn't that thrifty? 
I think Pebbles will love it, don't you?

100 posts!!...and more vintage paper love...

That's a lot of blog miles, huh?  

Haha!  Wow!  I am at 105 posts now, and I wasn't even paying attention!  Yay, me!  So, I have decided that I like my blog being about everyday things, and that it can mean anything:  thrift finds, crafting, cooking, and things that I like to do that I can share with you.  The best part of the whole thing is that it is FREE girl time for me, and hopefully for you too.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Here are a few of mine. 

My friend, Leanne, makes some MAD pickled okra.  I am going to commission her for a canning lesson and I will post our little kitchen adventure here. ( ate half the jar in one's that good).  

I've been sewing a lot.  A LOT.  And I saw some pretty cute things in Sew Darn Cute that I want to make for Christmas presents.  I am on the hunt for pretty vintage bath towels now.  My family thinks I'm nuts.  I ask for all the ugly stuff they want to throw out or have thrown out, or that they took to the lake because nobody cares if it winds up in the trash from stinky swimming lake kids.  

I got some pretty vintage sheets for Katie's bed this weekend.  They are pink and white striped and some that look like we had when I was a kid.  She has also scored some cute dress up dresses at the thrift shop lately, which makes me think there are some little girl sewing projects on the horizon. 

I'm making The Pioneer Woman's Braised Brisket.  Oh, yum.  Come have dinner with me.

Of course, the paper is still taking over my studio, and from the vintage map stationary I had made some time ago, I decided to make some vintage map note cards in a cute little kraft envelope.  And I still have those vintage findings that you can make your own with too. 

A few fun things I've found...

Skip to My Lou's Bake, Craft, and Sew Along for handmade Christmas gifts. I'm getting some great ideas there.

Elsie's blog party is Friday.  Yay!

Cassie has been adding cute things to her so sweet house.  Love her.   

Happy Tuesday! 

Saturday, July 17, 2010


At Hobby House Hill, there are bird feeders in the dining room window and on the back porch by the pool.  The hummingbirds swarm in the evening and in the mornings when it is cool.  I was lucky enough (and still/quiet enough) to grab some photos of the sweet little guys having dinner. Such tiny little things and I have never seen one light, only flit restlessly while they stop for a drink.

 And one shadow shot...

Friday, July 16, 2010

On retreat...

I made it to Hobby House Hill last night for a weekend retreat.  If you haven't been, well, you're missing out.

Fabulous.  Already pampered and 
it hasn't even started. 

Lots of ladies getting lots of craft on.  And the food is awesome.  Awesome.  Not a care in the world, I'm buried in paper, and that is a super happy place.  Yay!

And Katie is having her own little reatreat at Sissy's.  I don't think 
she will want to come home!
Mac and Cheese...
Dropped Nonnie off for dance... 
("I'm gonna miss her." *sigh*) 

 Bubbles and the slide...
Sidewalk artistry...
And a late night snack (that's in her cheeks)...nite nite!
Sissy is exhausted, but Katie will have sugarplum dreams about what will happen tomorrow. Yay!
(sorry for the tiny photos in this iPhone was NOT my friend last night)

How Feed the Birdies flew in....

Once upon a time two little boys ate Happy Meals in the middle seat of a Ford minivan. Not quite willing to eat the last few fries, they launched them out the door screaming, "feed the birdies!!" And so my journal of a road through motherhood and wifedom, with a little bit of crafting on the side...where everybirdy gets a french fry. And we're all happy about it.