Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little vintage Christmas...

Here are some of my vintage finds from the last two years that we are enjoying for the holidays.  Most are from the 1950s and 60s, and I adore them!

I'll add some tree pics soon...I need to add a few handmade things to make it super pretty! I'm also digging through a monsterous stash of vintage Christmas cards and paper decorations.  Oh, this is fun!

Pretty Christmas Things

I've been visiting lots of sweet little blogs for tutorials so that part of my Christmas is handmade, and oh! the pretty things there are! Here are some projects that made the top of my list...and are in production now...and a bonus, their blogs are must reads!
 (sources below)

1. This gathered clutch by Noodlehead. Don't look if you are a girl in my family... *wink*
2. This felt circle garland on the mantel by Living with Punks.   Oh, how I love her blog. And I love the title. I call Little Miss my punks all the time.
3. The polka dot stockings are precious too. I think my kitties need one, don't you?
4. These felt trees from AllSorts. Look how sweet and jolly their blog is dressed for Christmas. You can't help but be inspired and joyful!
5. We have a large family gathering for my mom's side of the family, and I think the little ones would love this Paper City from Made by Joel. And, he has downloads for accessories so the boys can drive cars while the girls make the people pretty. That should be a little bit of a distraction while they wait to open gifts!

The house is all decorated in vintage Christmas goodies, so I will take some pictures and share tomorrow. What's on your list to make? I would love to find out!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tiny Dancer...

Little Miss had her first dance performance on Saturday night at our city Christmas gathering downtown.  She was so excited to finally be on stage and I thought for sure that she would be a little bit apprehensive about being in front of tons of people.  Nope.  She marched up on stage, looked out in the crowd, and blew them all a big kiss.  See for yourself. She's the third from the left.  

Now, isn't that the cutest thing you have seen?  *grin*  I like the delayed reaction at the end, too.  Ahhhh...precious! And that Shirley Temple song makes it all the better.

Her cousin is also a beautiful ballerina (she did the same dance that Katie just did when she started dancing).  She will dance in The Nutcracker again this year, en pointe!  So pretty.   Look at these girls ready to dance for the city!

and before the show with Momma...

and Daddy... 
with Mimi... 
 and B'ma and Sissy... 

and on stage she goes! 

and here is pretty Hannah on the left...(sheesh...I wish I had legs like that!)

First recital in two weeks! 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mr. Miata

My sweet aunt commented that if someone didn't know me, they might not understand who Mr. Miata is.  His nickname is Mr. Curran, AKA William...my darling husband.  And this weekend wasn't Thanksgiving for him, it was Christmas.  You see, to earn the name Mr. Miata, you have a second passion..the little MX-5 convertible...that you take your future wife spinning around in on your first date.  We have two.  One is supposed to be mine, but I'm not sure that he(Mr. Miata) or she(the car) realizes that.  About a year ago, there was quite the little fender bender (not the mister's fault, thank goodness) that made Widow (Miata #1) go from this:  

(yes, I got to drive it in the track parade...woop woop! haha...)

to this (ouch):

I must say that this little car (and all other Miatas) is a mini tank.  The poor guy's pickup in the bakcground didn't fare so well(neither had serious injuries, thank goodness). We have since decided that the kids will go to autocross school once they complete driver's ed. Good idea all the way around.

This weekend, we picked up the car after long awaited repairs, and look!  Isn't it pretty?
And isn't he cute?  The boy, I mean. 
Widow got a color change, and the color does change with the light.  It's a pretty cobalt blue metallic that sparkles in direct sunlight, turns dark blue in shade,
and looks black at night.

 We made a few other mods (we don't have stock cars in our family) on the hood and tail, and I am sure somewhere else...
Isn't our next date night going to be fun?  Where should we go?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving on the farm...

 Instead of taking the traditional nap after lunch, we opted for a little adventure on my parents' place (The Biggest Loser told us to take a walk...did you hear that?).  

Gracie and Myrtle wanted 
William's jeans for lunch.
 They are funny girls. They started talking to us as soon as they saw us coming. 
 What?  That city boy 
is petting a donkey?
 This is Sweetie Pie. 

 The cows had hay. 
 Poor Ugly (yes, go ahead and tell us we're awful...that's her name)...she is getting old, but she liked us coming to visit.
 Doesn't Sweetie Pie look 
like she enjoyed her banana? 
  She says turkey and 
dressing just aren't right. 
Who did you feed on Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

(This has to be the cutest owl picture ever!)
I'm thankful to have a pretty little nest to share with you!  Have a wonderful day filled with turkey, dressing, pies, and the ones you love...see you Friday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TUTORIAL: Shopping List Notebook

I found these cute little Peanuts journals in the Dollar Spot at Target.  I had planned to make some journals from scratch and have them bound at Office Max, but for what I needed, these little ones worked perfect.  So here's a little gift for friends, teachers, co-workers...for holiday lists and stashing coupons for savings!

Here is what you will need:
  • a small journal from the Dollar Spot at Target (or any little journal will do)
  • two sheets of coordinating cardstock or scrapbooking paper
  • scissors
  • double sided tape (Target brand works fine)
  • permanent scrapbooking adhesive (optional)
  • ribbon
  • coordinating stickers or chipboard 
First, cut two pieces of cardstock for the front, size 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches.  Then cut two more of your coordinating paper in size 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches. Then place the double sided tape as shown.  (I also put a long piece in the middle of the wrong side of the paper and along the spine edge of the paper to keep it in place).

Now, fold in the top and bottom and then the outside. 
And then clip the corners.
Place your coordinating cardstock on the inside cover of the journal to hide your folds from the outside cover. I used the double sided tape to adhere. 
Add some stickers and some ribbon to the spine and the front cover. I had these cute cardstock flowers and pretty gathered ribbon that worked perfect (the ribbon helps hide Charlie Brown's stripes...as much as we love him, his stripes don't match my paper!)
Then cover the back of the journal just as you did the front.  Add an envelope to the back inside cover and embellish as you wish...just not to much...the book won't close if you have too many pretties! You can tuck coupons in the little envelope.  I made these for my two dear friends and added Huggies and Pampers coupons for their little ones.  They loved them!
Here are a few more pics of some that I finished... 

And one little before/after shot: 

A little gift for less than $5.  Useful, pretty, and easy to make!  Have fun!

How Feed the Birdies flew in....

Once upon a time two little boys ate Happy Meals in the middle seat of a Ford minivan. Not quite willing to eat the last few fries, they launched them out the door screaming, "feed the birdies!!" And so my journal of a road through motherhood and wifedom, with a little bit of crafting on the side...where everybirdy gets a french fry. And we're all happy about it.