Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Little Miss (Yard Sale) America

I've mentioned before that we have taken little missy to yard and estate sales ever since she was teeny tiny. Here is what all of our hard work at training her from such a young age has created: 

Haha!  We had a yard sale yesterday and she ran it (in other words, told me what I could an could not sell from her room that is desperate need of a good cleaning out). And here she is in the evening gown competition modeling for our yard sale customers.
She's making sure she promotes household peace and that we get rid of all this junk that came out of our home.  We wound up giving up for the most part and donating the lot of it.  That's her charitable contribution, isn't it?  She won the award and carries her title proudly.  It's much easier to SHOP a sale than HAVE one, no?

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