Thursday, June 30, 2011

'scuse me...

I'm learning HTML....*gasp* my birdies are getting new feathers.  :)  Give me a few days! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Frames from Children's Books...What I made today.

These were really simple.  Just a children's book page mounted to cardboard with spray adhesive, then a frame cut with an Exacto knife, and paper frame on top to cover the rough edges (a Silhouette would be great for that part).  Mount patterned paper on the back, tie a ribbon and send it to your friend or family.  One is for Jenny, one for Gram, and one for B'ma.  Watch your mailboxes! 


Mid-week, Mid-century: Furniture Arrangment

Welcome to Mid-week, Mid-Century on FTB!  I have rescued and collected tons of decorating books from the 1950s and 1960s that I love to sit and read at night.  You have seen little bits and pieces of my furniture and home, and now I will share details and where my inspiration comes from with you.  I'll try to post this feature each Wednesday, and give you valid tips on how we thrift, bargain, and haul home every piece of mid-century heaven we showcase in our home.  

Better Homes and Gardens must have published tons of books in series and in category and I love to find them at estates.  If you have never sat down to read one, it's highly entertaining and very inspiring to read and see exactly how decor was planned during those mid-century years.  The latest book I brought home was a BHG Decorating Ideas from 1960, and there were a few things I'm going to use in my own home. 

First, the book goes into detail about dividing rooms with pieces of furniture rather than walls, and how to arrange the furniture for maximum area use and ease of traffic.  Above is one arrangement that I especially liked.  The long table in between the chairs is great for guests to sit and share a drink and talk.  Here is how I arranged my two chairs after seeing this, and I am actually thinking of moving our long table in between the to chairs much like the picture in the book.

Next, we all know that Zenith has a special place in our home, and soon she will be the spotlight of the room.  This tip (top left of page) in the BHG book made me laugh a little (funny how technology has spoiled us from then until now...)

"Plan Comfortable Seating Space Near the Television:  Even if you have a selector system (is that a remote??) you'll want to adjust television tuning yourself from time to time.  Place a chair near the set for comfort." 

Haha!  I think I might have to put two chairs on either side of ours when we get it placed.  

Just for grins, here is one picture of how our needlepoint wall is looking with the sofa.  So should I move that table or not? 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She's a Basket Case...


{Thrifty Tuesday}: Fisher Price!!

It's Thrifty Tuesday!  William and I headed out to two sales on Sunday (which is rare for us...usually we go on Saturday morning at the latest) and we struck gold.  There was a sale with lots of old toys, and hiding under a shelf in the garage was a full box of Fisher Price furniture, people, and the house to go with them.  There was a $10 price tag on the box...I about croaked...if you look at Etsy you KNOW that it is worth way more than that, and then they had everything marked an extra 25%, you got it...$7.50 for this jewel in the rough. It needs a little bit of cleaning and some love for the wallpaper (should I replace it with more vintage paper I have or just try to fix what is there?), and look at the awesome paper in that green bathroom!  I see the house and contents going in my vintage shop...but Gram says Katie should get to play with it for a while.  Look at all of those little pieces!  She even has a wifi with turntable, a sewing machine, a potty, shower, full kitchen, and all kinds of mid century elements!  Gah...I love it.  But you knew that, didn't you?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moos...a little about me for FTLOB...

This isn't about the cows that live down the street from us, although I think I should let you meet them, don't you? 

It's been so long since I have been with this community of bloggers, and I am so glad to be able to sit and read, comment, and be a part of a great group like they are again.

This Monday Moos news...

I've been blogging for over two years now, and I feel like I know the friends I have met like friends I see every day.  It's awesome!  I am on the computer probably two to three hours (unless you count iPhone time) each day.  During the school year, it's all day, because that's what I teach. :)

I write most of my posts as they are posted.  However, I have a list now, so some will be scheduled this summer, lest I forget what I want to say.

I don't make any money off of my blog.  I would love to follow my dream of having a vintage paper and trinket shop, and then let the blog be the advertisement and voice of what I have to offer.  I enjoy so much the 1950s-1960s and my husband and I consider our hunt and findings a big part of our life...not to mention our little girl loves looking for treasures too.  Sometimes life gets in the way of plans, but plans they are and they still remain...

More Thrifty Tuesday coming tomorrow, speaking of vintage...I found a gold mine, again!  Haha!


Outside...the new place.

Here is the outside of our new home finally.  
I forgot to show you! 
Still working on the flower beds.  But at least I have a greeter (thanks, B'ma) and some pretty flowers (and thanks, Sissy).

I thought the elves were already here...

When the elves move in to Grandma Alice's house for Christmas, they make a big mess in the wrapping and tissue and tape and lights...and Genevieve barks...all sorts of commotion.  I woke up this morning to a mess much the same and wondered if they had already found our new place.  But then I realized it was two teenagers with one-track minds and quite a list of supplies from my scrapbook stash.  (I guess Bo's allowance will buy me a new tube of E6000 adhesive...LOL!) Boys don't scrapbook, but they can turn some cardboard, paper, and adhesive into a half pipe for Tech Deck skateboards....see?  
Oh, and they used Katie's Bible box to grate the soap in that they need to "wax" their boards for better performance.  Katie is usually the crafty one that takes my paper...not this time.  It was her skater boi brother.  I could have been frustrated, but for the cleverness of the project his butt was saved.  :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to my roots... {Fat Pencil Diaries}

I've come to the conclusion that it's time for me to start scrapbooking again.  I haven't done it in, oh, two years or better?  I've read and watched and shopped scrapbooking, and I have a plethora of supplies that are mostly used for cards and other things, but my pictures could use some serious attention.  They are almost all on the drive on the computer, and I have forgotten what I have shared and what I have not.  I was reading Melissa's post about Peyton's birthday, and realized that I need to go back to documenting family and events like that (she will tell you she doesn't scrapbook, but she does, really, just on her blog...shhh...don't tell her that).  It's been a long time.  In the move, I found some sweet scrapbook pages of a tiny little girl that is now five.  Look: 

It's the journaling and the pictures that help me remember how many cute things she did and how much we are so in love with her and were then too.  

Journaling (top page):  July 25, 2007 Katie:  cramming handfuls of spaghetti noodles in your mouth and rubbing your buttery fork in your hair.  Daddy:  How long do they eat messy?  Mommy:  I don't know; she'll get better.  Daddy:  I hope she doesn't do this on her first date! 

Journaling (bottom page):  Oh my goodness!  What are all the fusses about?  We hardly ever see youlike this---so tears freak us out!  Is it your teeth--your tummy?  Did you give her some Tyleonl?? Even the cat comes running to see what is up--oh my goodness!  6/07...journaled 7/26/07

That's what I want to remember.  Not if my blog was better than your blog, or how many followers I had, can edit my photos with the best software, or what my stats looked like yesterday.  I just want to look back and see the faces of my kids from years ago, with journaling to help remind me exactly what we/they were thinking/doing.  That is what my original purpose of this blog was, to share these memories and to dash in as much creativity as I could to inspire you to do the same thing.   
So, expect more of that.  More memories, more pictures, more fun, and more ideas.  I'll give you details, and you enjoy them.  And then make something to help you remember too, ok?  
And, thanks, Mel, for the wakeup call, even though you didn't know it! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Not your grade school pencil case... {Fat Pencil Diaries}

This little pink train case has been sitting in the garage and now a closet, waiting for a makeover, and the day has finally come!  A little muscle and a magic eraser helped it go from this....
to this...
 Miko approves.
Whew.  It was nasty.
I've been carrying my craft supplies in vintage suitcases for quite sometime, and this little case will help me travel lighter and more efficient.  The top tray is great for pencils and pens, adhesive, ribbons, and small amounts of trinkets I can use for cards, and the bottom houses pre-cut paper, envelopes, ink, and a stamp set or two.  Promise you won't run over me to get the next one at an estate sale? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polka Dots and Postage Stamps

Two random but fun things...

I found ziploc bags full of cancelled postage stamps today at an estate sale.  I already have my father-in-law's collection of postage stamps, but I am hesitant to use them because of the sentimental value, other than for projects and gifts for family. (I am planning to use those for a giant collage for our home, maybe this summer.)  Anyway, these needed a home for projects and for my vintage paper shop.  I love digging through them.  Some are from Hong Kong (I love the ones in the middle picture), Singapore, Philippines, United States, and all over the world.  So pretty. 

Second, a little missy that just happens to be my "niece" via BFF...Melissa...turns two tomorrow!  I got her a ladybug Pillow Pet, so I of course needed to make a polka dot card to go with it.  Two funny things about this card:  one, the dots should be black (ha!) and the background red, and two, I put that she was three on the inside!  LOL!  She's only two...I was hurrying her along for her momma's sanity I guess.  :)  It's cute anyway.  I promise to replace the "3" with at "2," Mel! This is just a simple little card using card stock and a 1" circle punch, and one rubber stamp.  Easy as pie!


How Feed the Birdies flew in....

Once upon a time two little boys ate Happy Meals in the middle seat of a Ford minivan. Not quite willing to eat the last few fries, they launched them out the door screaming, "feed the birdies!!" And so my journal of a road through motherhood and wifedom, with a little bit of crafting on the side...where everybirdy gets a french fry. And we're all happy about it.