Friday, January 6, 2012

DIYs for Home and Scrapbook Pages Soon

We've been snoozing over here these past few months!  The holidays have had me bogged down, and then getting back into the routine of school and homework...well, we aren't so good at that.

This weekend I will finally get some time to papercraft and use some vintage lurking around the house for some super cute DIYs.  I'll take pictures and post for you, but here's what's coming on the birdie blog:
  1. DIY porch mailbox to magazine and towel rack for the bathroom
  2. DIY ugly thrift shop painting to chalkboard 
  3. DIY Collaged magnets from Starbucks sleeves lifted from Somerset Studio 
  4. DIY Christmas Cards to New Years cards...when you procrastinate and send them too late! 
  5. Scrapbook pages using my giant collection of vintage papers 
  6. And I'm thinking of trying some embossing on vintage papers...I might post even if it's a failure.  We'll see!  
First post coming this weekend.  Katie and I are going to tackle that mailbox this evening so she has a new accessory in her bathroom.  It's going to be a beautiful 70 degrees in Texas today.  And it's January?  I am wishing for a snow storm.  Ha. 

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  1. agreed on the snow storm in texas. i need some cold.


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