Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeding Pigeons Sprinkles Cupcakes

So, we taught our friends Natalie and Graham how to whisper at Sprinkles for free cupcakes (a treat after estate sale shopping that is becoming a ritual). Natalie dropped a few crumbles of cake as we stood outside the shop, and as soon as we started to walk away, in came a pigeon. Feed the birdies! They like cupcakes. Especially S'more cupcakes. :) Isn't she cute?

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How Feed the Birdies flew in....

Once upon a time two little boys ate Happy Meals in the middle seat of a Ford minivan. Not quite willing to eat the last few fries, they launched them out the door screaming, "feed the birdies!!" And so my journal of a road through motherhood and wifedom, with a little bit of crafting on the side...where everybirdy gets a french fry. And we're all happy about it.