Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfect Wedding Gifts in the Shop!

If you know a bride-to-be who loves vintage, I have just updated the shop with some unique and fun gifts for her kitchen and her home.  Some of my favorites are:

Perfect for little get-togethers with friends or movie night with the girls. 
Snacks on the side, drink in the middle! 

Oh, these napkins are pretty.   And the glasses are mod.  
New kitchens with vintage things are always in style.

A hold your kitchen staples.  But not everyone has this set.  The good thing about decorating in vintage is that you only find your things in someone else's kitchen every once in a while.

Church picnics, to the park, or to Bunco, carry a cake, cupcakes, and/or chocolate chip cookies in this nearly perfect cake carrier.  It's as close to new as you can get, with the charm of vintage.

Channel your inner Betty Draper, or Don for that matter, and party in style with this gigantic set of thermoware.  You can have coffee or cold drinks, and serve the best appetizers this side of New York City.  Or in the city.  :)

Enjoy your shopping!  I won't tell if you get something for yourself, too.  :)

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